Monday, November 21, 2011

Playdough Turkey

Usually we stick to using cookie cutters and rolling pins when we break out the playdough, but I thought I'd get out some craft supplies and see if my kids could get creative and make cute Thanksgiving turkeys.  My tot had a great time playing and my preschooler got pretty creative...

Materials: brown and orange playdough (click here for my favorite playdough recipe from Counting Coconuts), a red pipe cleaner, googly eyes and small colorful craft sticks

Tips and Tricks: This was simply playtime for my tot.  He loved just pressing the craft materials in the playdough and mixing up the colors, but my preschooler caught on quick and loved making mini gobblers.

Something Extra: I thought we could keep our cute little turkeys around to use as a Thanksgiving decoration, but my preschooler had other ideas.  When she was done with her turkey, she smashed him up and created monsters, ghosts and aliens which turned out to be just as much fun as making turkeys!

Great Links: Check out these other adorable turkeys! 

Playdough Turkey from Just Deanna

 Clay Turkey from Kaboose


  1. Stopping by from TGIF.

    I love Counting Coconuts too! We tried using beans and pipe cleaners one week with playdough and we are still finding pipe cleaner pieces in the play dough. I love the idea of colored popsicle sticks instead!

    Sierra @

  2. What cute ideas! I pinned them to use next year! Love your blog name - so cute! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Thanks for linking up to TGIF & we'll see you next week! Don't forget to enter for a chance to Guest Post & Have your blog featured on my sidebar for the entire month of December -
    Beth =-)


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