Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sensory Tub

Here's the Easter sensory tub I created for my preschooler and tot.  I kept this tub very simple and used items we already had from past Easters.  
Easter Sensory Tub  Materials
Easter grass 
Plastic Easter Eggs
Egg Carton 
Plastic Egg and Bunny Figurines 
Speckled Eggs
Small Easter Basket
Egg Noise Makers 
The egg noise makers could be used purely for fun, but they also had a learning component inspired by a post from Living Montessori Now.   I paired three pink eggs with three blue eggs.  I filled each pair of eggs with a different set of items (macaroni, coins, dried beans).  As my kids played with the noise makers they matched the eggs by sound. 


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